Aphid control agents

Aphids are a troublesome pest in many situations where they may proceed rapidly into a harmful infestation. It is therefore important to have good aphid control agents to control them in time that can be successfully performed in several different situations. Against aphids, we have many different products that can help. A part of the products is more or less specific and works, in particular, against a limited number of species of aphids. This is especially true for the parasitoid wasps. In addition, various kinds of predators which almost all work against more types of aphids. Which type is the best choice in a particular case depends on the situation, the infestation, the type of crop, the conditions, the season and possibly the presence of other pests against which (should) be deployed different control agents.

  • Especially PROPYLEA is a suitable product for use in the spring in greenhouses.
  • APHISCOUT is especially good at preventive use.
  • APHIDEND works well in many situations in greenhouses, especially if aphids are present in colonies.
  • APHIPAR and ERVIPAR are good to use as the aphid infestation is still in an early stage.
  • Chrysopa can be effective even at a low temperature. Works less well in higher plants.
  • ADALIA is mainly used in public parks and private gardens, sometimes in greenhouses in hot spots.

Aphid control agents:

ADALIAlime aphid, common sycamore aphid, rose aphid, yellow rose aphid
APHIDENDpotato aphid, foxglove aphid, mottled arum aphid, green peach aphid, cotton aphid, oleander aphid
APHIPARgreen peach aphid, cotton aphid
ERVIPARpotato aphid, foxglove aphid, rose aphid, yellow rose aphid
PROPYLEAfoxglove aphid, green peach aphid
APHISCOUTgreen peach aphid, cotton aphid, potato aphid, foxglove aphid
APHILINpotato aphid, foxglove aphid, green peach aphid
CHRYSOPAall aphid species
EXOCHOMUS  wooly beech aphid