Aphelinus abdominalis, parasitoid against aphids

A female Aphelinus abdominalis is 2.5-3 mm tall, has a black thorax, a yellow abdomen, short legs and short antennae. Males are slightly smaller and the back is darker in color. An aphid that is parasitized by this parasitoid wasp swells, becomes elongated in shape and turns black (mummy). A full grown adult hatches from the mummy through an irregularly torn hole on the back of the mummy.

mummies Aphelinus abdominalis

Mode of Action:

Larger aphids are parasitized whereas smaller aphids are preyed upon and emptied (host-feeding). Hyperparasitization (where the parasite is re-parasitized) occurs less frequently than in Aphidius species.


For the control of potato aphid (Macrosiphum euphorbiae) and foxglove aphid (Aulacorthum solani) in greenhouse cultures and indoor plantings. However, other aphids can also be parasitized. Keep in mind repeated introductions. The product is sensitive to various chemical plant protection products. Ask advice for introduction strategy.

effect of APHILIN:

  • Parasitized aphids turn to black mummies
  • 2 weeks after introduction first mummies appear
  • new adult hatches through small hole at the back of the mummie
  • Hyperparasitization may affect APHILIN's effectiveness

The product APHILIN:

100 ml bottle with mummies in wood chips, where 500 adult wasps will emerge

Shelf life:
maximum 2 days at 10-15°C, in the dark.

Climate: At lower and higher temperatures. Control will take some time, but will remain effective for a long time.