Mix of aphid parasitoids:

The product APHISCOUT is a mix of several aphid parasitoids: Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi, Aphelinus abdominalis, Praon volucre and Ephedrus cerasicola. The different species look different: some are black, others brown and / or yellow.

Mode of action:

Adult female parasitoids slightly differ in their preference for aphids species for parasitisation. The product thus has a rather broad range of aphids that may be attacked. For all species it holds that after parasitisation aphids will  turn into round, firm mummies. Their colour will be different, depending on the species of parasitoid that has parasitised. Colour may be black, grey or brown. The type of colour of the mummies gives information on the aphid species that is present in the crop. Praon for instance can be recognized because of the pupa that will appear underneath the parasitized aphid. The other parasitoids pupate within the parasitized aphid. Mummies will appear around 2 weeks oafter introduction. Adult parasitoids of the new generation will hatch from the mummies through a round exit hole.


Mode af action:

The product may be used against most common aphid species. It is recommended to introduce APHISCOUT mainly preventative. Use the label of the product to put the tube into the crop; remove the outer part of it from the right upper angle. Put the tube horizontally into the crop, wrap the label around a twig or other plant or greenhouse part and tighten it again onto the tube. Turn the lid in such a way that the small holes are opposite the opening of the tube.

effect of APHISCOUT:

  • adult females parasitise the aphids
  • parasitised aphids turn into mummies
  • mummies are black, grye or brown, depending on parasitoid species that has parasitised
  • first mummies appear around 2 weeks after introduction
  • adult parasitoids hatch from a nice round exit hole

The product APHISCOUT:

Mix of several parasitoid species, Aphidius colemani, Aphidius ervi, Aphelinus abdominalis, Praon volucre and Ephedrus cerasicola in a cardboard tube of 90 ml with straw cover. In the tube there is a pad with some honey to feed hatching parasitoids. In total around 250 adult parasitoids will emerge from the tube during 1 - 2 weeks, depending on temperature.

Shelf life:
maximum 2 days at 8-10 °C, laying in the dark.

effective from 16 - 30°C.


  • green peach aphid
  • potato aphid
  • fox glove aphid
  • cotton aphid