Exochomus quadripustulatus (pine ladybird)

This ladybird is native in many (northern) european countries. Its size is 4 - 5 mm; it is black with 4 red spots, the front two of them are kidney-shaped. Larvae are grey, sometimes covered with a white glow when it preys upon woolly apple aphid. Eggs are layed within the white waxy material that is present in woolly apple aphid colonies.  Eggs are elongate, their colour is yellow / orange.

larve Exochomus

Mode af action:

Larvae and adults prey upon woolly apple aphids and cushion scales. Adult females put their eggs in egg masses of their prey. Larvae consume eggs as well as older stages of the aphids.


May be introduced as biocontrol agent for cushion scale (Pulvinaria spp) on avenue trees as well as shrubs in gardens such as Hortensia. In fruit nurseries it is a useful biocontrol agent for control of woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum) and cushion scales. In indoor plantscapes with a low temperature regime it is used for control of cushion scales.

effect of EXOCHOMUS:

  • preys upon all stages of woolly apple aphid
  • after being preyed upon an empty white wax mass remains, dead material
  • effective from 15 °C onwards
  • visible effect within 1 week after introduction

The product EXOCHOMUS:

paper bag with 50 larvae or 25 adults on wood fibres.

Shelf life:
minimum 2 days at 8-15°C

best at temperatures above 15°C. At lower temperature larvae will survive but will not be very active in prey consumption



  • woolly beech aphid
  • woolly apple aphid
  • cushion scales