Armoured-scale Control Agents

We have a number of armoured-scale biocontrol agents available. They all work against multiple species of armoured scales. The two predatory beetles, Rhyzobius lophanthae and Chilocorus nigritus are both effective in controlling hot spots of armoured scale infestations. The better they do their job when they are released in or in close vicinity of the infestations. Chilocorus prefers a higher temperature, Rhyzobius is less critical towards temperature and humidity.

The parasitic wasps that we deliver against armoured scales, Aphytis melinus and Encarsia citrina are both very good in localizing their hosts. They are most effective when introductions start at low infestation level and the parasitoids do have the opportunity to build up a population in the greenhouse. They are not especially suitable to control hot spots of infestation.The predatory thrips Karnyothrips melaleucus is a relatively new product of ours. Especially in Cymbidium cultures we have got good experiences with this product. Multiple introduction of the predatory thrips inhibits growth of the armoured scales so preventing crop damage. Finally the predatory thrips can settle itself in the crop thus giving complete control of the armoured scale.