Aphytis melinus


Aphytis melinus is a yellow parasitoid of about 1 mm in size. The difference between male and female wasps can not be seen with the naked eye.

Mode of Action:

The female of Aphytis melinus lays its eggs under the scale cover on the body of the armoured scale. After hatching, the young larvae prey on the armoured scale insect while hidden under the scale cover. Finally the armoured scale will die. When the parasitic wasp is mature, it crawls to the outside by making a circular to oval hole in the scale cover. This will remain visible as a mark of the parasitoid having hatched.


Aphytis melinus is used in greenhouse crops, nurseries, orchards as biocontrol agent against armoured scales such as Aspidiotus nerii, Diaspis echinocacti and Chrysomphalus spp. Consider repeated introductions. The product is sensitive to various chemical pesticides. Ask for advice deployment strategy.

effect of Aphytis melinus

  • parasitizes larger stages of different armoured scale insects
  • development takes around 30 days
  • activity becomes visible whenever young parasitoids have hatched
  • circular holes in the scale cover marks places of hatching
  • finally scale covers will fall off but this takes long time

The product Aphytis melinus

Product: transparent vial of 40 ml with 25 or 100 adult parasitoids

Shelf life: maximum 2 days at 10-15°C

Climate: can be applied at temperatures above 19 ° C. The humidity is less important

Targets Aphytis melinus: