Hoy Hoy Cockroach Glue Trap


The HOY HOY trap consists of a cardboard 'tent', 25 x 10 x 2 cm in which a sticky plate is present on the bottom. On this sticky plate an odour compound is placed that is attractive for cockraoches. The cardboard tents may be placed at (hidden) spots in areas / greenhouses where cockroaches are present.

Mode of action:

Hoyhoy inhoud

The odour compound that is provided in the cardboard 'tent' attracks cockraoches into the trap. The trap is designed in such a way that is is attractive for cockroaches to enter. The trap is absolutely harmless for humans.


1. Place the '' doormat'' in the designated place.
2. Remove the paper from the adhesive base in a smooth movement (see arrow for the correct orientation).
3. Remove the toxin-free attractant from the aluminum packaging and place the attractant in the middle of the glue trap.
4. Close the glue trap and place it along the wall (not in direct sunlight) in the vicinity of shelters of cockroaches.
5. Place several glue traps in different places.
6. Move glue traps without cockroaches after a few days.
7. The HoyHoy cockroach glue trap is effective for 3 to 4 weeks.

Effect of HOY HOY trap:

  • young as well as older cockroaches will be trapped
  • also adults may be trapped
  • effect becomes directly visible after putting the trap, trapped cockroaches on the sticky plate

The product HOY-HOY cockroach trap:

small cardboard 'tent' in which a sticky plate is present on the bottom on which an odour compound is positioned
Shelf life:
Before opening the trap may be stored for longer period of time at a dark and dry place. After the odour compound is atttached to the trap it will remain active for around 4 - 6 weeks.
no restrictions considering climate; avoid very moist / humid areas.

Targets HOY-HOY cockraoch trap: