Steinernema feltiae, nematodes against Sciarid flies

Adults of the insectpathogenic nematodes Steinernema feltiae (productname ENTONEM) can grow up to 6 mm long. Sciarid larvae that have become infested by Steinernema feltiae nematodes become opaque white yellow. The insect becomes mucous and is often hard to find in the soil.

Mode of Action:

The nematodes penetrate through one of the body openings into the host's body. In the intestinal tract  bacteria are released into the host. The bacteria cause the insect to die because of blood poisoning. The larva is then converted into food for the nematodes. One nematode is basically enough to kill an insect. Any developmental stage of sciarid larvae can be parasitized.


ENTONEM Is used in the soil in greenhouse cultures and indoor plantings against larvae of Scarids (Sciaridae) and pupae of thrips. Also used for control of larvae of black vine weevil if the soil temperature is still too low for using LARVANEM nematodes (Heterorhabditis megidis). ENTONEM can also be used on the leaves as control strategy for thrips larvae. Keep in mind repeated introductions. The product is sensitive to various chemical plant protection products. Ask advice for application strategy.

The product ENTONEM:

50 million3rd stage larvae in inert carrier material in plastic bag in box.

Shelf life:
Store at 2-6 ° C in the dark, see package for expiry date.

Only use when soil temperature is above 8 ° C. The soil must be kept wet for up to two weeks after application.

effect of ENTONEM

  • nematodes actively hunt for prey and penetrate them
  • Nematodes feed on the contents of the prey, with specific bacteria being released from the intestinal tract
  • Bacteria convert host tissue into products that are easy to absorb by the nematodes
  • Affected larvae die within a few days