Mealybug Control Agents

Mealybug control agents

Several mealybug control agents are available from our production facilities. We produce predators that may prey on several different mealybug species; we also produce parasitoids that are very specific biocontrol agents for particular mealybug species. Proper identification is needed for an optimal introduction of biocontrol agents against mealybugs.

At first glance it seems very easy to recognize mealybugs; their bodies are covered with a white wax, they are very persistent and they produce honeydew. Within the group of mealybugs several species may be recognized with more or less clear differences between them. These differences are important if you want to use biological control agents as your strategy for keeping them under control, especiallyif you prefer to use parasitic wasps as control agents. We produce a number of different parasitoid species for mealybug control, most of them are specialists on one single mealybug species. This may sound as a disadvantage but can also turn out to be advantageous: if this particular mealybug species is present the specialist parasitoid is a very good choice for controlling it.

If you aim to practice biological mealybug control, you can also opt for a predator, eg. the predatory bug Cryptolaemus montrouzieri. This predator preys on multiple mealybug species. It is a good biocontrol agent for control of local outbreaks of the pest, especially if you manage to release them next to hot spots of infestation. But in several situations it may be rather handy to use a control agent that is a good searcher for pest presence in the crop. This is where parasitoids perform much better than the predatory bugs.

On our site we show some of the most common mealybug species, with pictures. Against most of these species we have specific parasotoids available. Depending on the situation and the pest level we advise to choose one specialist biocontrol agent or a combination of biological control agents.

Mealybug Control Agents:

Anagyrus pseudococcicitrusmealybug
Anagyrus fusciventrislongtailed mealybug
Cryptanusia aureiscutellumlongtailed mealybug
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri adultsmany mealybug species, except longtaliled
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri larvaemany mealybug species
Leptomastidea abnormiscitrusmealybug
Leptomastix dactylopiicitrusmealybug
Leptomastix eponaobscure mealybug, solanum mealybug
Acerophagus maculipennisobscure mealybug,