Acerophagus maculipennis (syn. Pseudaphycus maculipennis)


adult wasps are about 1.5 - 2 mm, gray in color with short antennae with a distinctive white tip. From Acerophagus maculipennis mainly females are found. Acerophagus is very actively moving around, its walking pattern is rather abruptly. Mealybugs that are parasitized by Acerophagus are recognizable as orange yellow cocoons, irregularly shaped  with several dark spots. After hatching you can see several holes distributed throughout the surface of the pupa, from each hole a new parasitoid was born.

Mode of action:

This species is able to build up a population rather quick and it can keep mealybug density on a rather low level during long time due to its good and effective searching behaviour.  Acerophagus maculipennis parasitizes mainly older stages of the viburni mealybug. A female will lay up to 7 eggs in a singel mealybug, depending on the size of the mealybug. These eggs can all develop into new parasitic wasps. The development time from egg to adult wasp is faster than for most other parasitoids against mealybugs and takes around 14-18 days. A female lives 2-3 weeks and lays about 200 eggs during her lifetime.


is used in greenhouses and indoor plantings against viburni mealybug (Pseudococcus viburni old name: P. affinis). Parasitizes also some other mealybug species. After a mealybug is parasitized by Acerophagus it is still alive for several days and will move into a hidden place for pupating. The pupa remains on the plant for a while after hatching and will fall off finally.  Consider repeated introductions. Acerophagus can be used from April on, is very effective in the summer and can survive through the winter in greenhouses in the Netherlands. The product is sensitive to various chemical pesticides. Ask for advice for deployment strategy.

effect of Acerophagus maculipennis:

  • parasitizes mainly older mealybug stages
  • several eggs per mealybug, average 4-5
  • eggs can all develop into adults
  • 1st pupae visible after 3 weeks
  • can quickly build up a sizable population
  • can survive long-term, even through the winter in glasshouse

The product Acerophagus maculipennis:

transparent jar of 40ml with shredded paper with 25 100 adult wasps

Shelf life:
up to 5 days at 10-15 days

optimum at 23 ° C, effective from 20 to 35 ° C, prefers light / bright conditions

Targets Acerophagus maculipennis: