Soft-scale Control Agents

Most soft scale biocontrol agents that we have available are parasitic wasps. Some of these parasitic wasps can be used to control multiple soft scale species. There is one true specialist and that is the wasp Microterys nietnerii. This parasitic wasp works only against the brown soft scale; it is very effective in many different conditions and many different crops. The other products against soft scales are parasitic wasps of which the majority have a preference for a particular soft scale species and for one or more stages of the soft scale.

  • Microterys nietnerii works very well against brown soft scale, not against other soft scale species.
  • Metaphycus flavus and Coccophagus sp. works against multiple soft scale species.
  • Encyrtus infelix works properly in the presence of ants.
  • Exochomus is a native ladybird which does a good job when deployed outdoors against cottony scale on trees or shrubs.