Thrips Control Agents

Armoured scale control agents

Thrips is a problem in many cultures; in greenhouse vegetables, in floriculture, in seed- and herbs culture, in fruit orchards and also in various outdoor crops. In greenhouses, the western flower thrips is the most common species but several other species such as Echinothrips americanus and Thrips setosus are found more and more in specific crops.

If we look at the number of products available for biological control there is a big array of different ones for thrips control. Against thrips we deliver predatory mites, predatory bugs, predatory thrips and a parasitic wasp. The parastic wasp, Thripobius javae is a very specific product that only works against a particular thrips species, the greenhouse-thrips Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis. The other products all work against multiple species of thrips and under different conditions. Some mainly prey on the pupae of the thrips that live in the soil; others live on the plants and / or flowers where they prey on younger stages as well as adults of the thrips.

Thrips Control Agents:

AMBLYDROMALUS limonicusFrankliniella, Echinothrips
AMBLYSEIUS cucumerisFrankliniella, onion thrips, orchid thrips
AMBLYSEiUS swirskiiFrankliniella, onion thrips, orchid thrips
FRANKLINOTHRIPS vespiformisFrankliniella, Echinothrips, greenhouse thrips, banded greenhouse thrips, thrips setosus
MACROCHELES robustulusFrankliniella
ORIUS laevigatusFrankliniella, banded greenhouse thrips
STRATIOLAELAPS scimitusFrankliniella
THRIPOCTENUS javaegreenhouse thrips