Encarsia formosa + Eretmocerus eremicus, ENERMIX

Eretmocerus eremicus and Encarsia formosa

The product ENERMIX contains pupae of 2 parasitoids of whitefly, Encarsia formosa and Eretmocerus eremicus. Females of Encarsia formosa have dark coloured head and thorax, their abdomen is yellow. Males of Encarsia formosa are totally black; they are rare. The parasitoid is around 0,6 mm in size. All developmental stages except from the adult stage live inside the host's body (the wjhitefly). Halfway the development time of the parasitoid the pupa of the greenhouse whitefly turns black. Tobacco whitefly turns brown after it has been parasitized.

Females of the parasitoid Eretmocerus eremicus are bright yellow with green eyes. Males are dark-yellow to brown. Antennae of females carry 5 segments, the ones from males only 3. The size of the parasitoid is around 0,75 mm. all developmental stages except from the adult one live inside the host's body. The pupal skin of the whitefly turns yellow during development of the parasitoid, irrespective of the whitefly species. The young adult hatches through a round hole.

Mode af action:

Both parasitoid species parasitize larvae of whitefly, both greenhouse whitefly and tobacco whitefly. Since Eretmocerus parasitizes the second and third larval stage and Encarsia the third and fourth stages all whitefly stages will be under attack. Apart from parasitization the parasitoids also kill whitefly larvae by peying upon them, so called host-feeding. Eretmocerus is better equipped for use at higher temperature conditions (above 30°C).



ENERMIX is being used against greenhouse whitefly and against tobacco whitefly in greenhouse cultures and in indoor plantscapes. The product may also be used for home&garden whenever the every day temperature is above 17°C. Consider repeated introductions. The product is sensitive towards chemical pesticides. Ask advice for proper introduction strategy.

Effect of ENERMIX:

  • first pupae will appear 2-3 weeks after introduction 
  • parasitized whitefly larvae will turn yellow or black, depending on host - parasitoid combination
  • young adult parasitoids will hatch through a round exit hole
  • adults of both parasitoid species feed themselves with host larvae; sucked larvae remain on underside of leaves

The product ENERMIX:

Product: parasitized whitefly pupae glued on cardboard strips; in total 3000 parasitoids will hatch from the pupae.

Shelf life: maximum 2 days at 8-10°C, in the dark

Climate: preferebly use in spring and summer 

Targets ENERMIX:

  • greenhouse whitefly
  • tobacco whitefly