Our Customers

Biological crop protection in non-standard situations and where customization is needed is our specialty. This can be indoors in greenhouses, indoor plantscapes etc. as well as outdoors in urban parcs, nurseries or orchards. In interior gardens, botanical gardens and zoos, there is a community of many different plants together in the same area, often under unnatural conditions.

Each plant species has its own susceptibilities and thus may carry its own pest. So a lot of different pests may be present there. We have beneficials for all those situations and we can advise on the best way of applying them. In research greenhouses the situation is different. The plants are grown only for experiments; here consultation with the researchers involved is very important. In ornamental greenhouse culture sustainable production becomes more and more the standard so biological pest control and integrated pest control strategies are getting more important all the time.

Due to our experience with biological control of mealybug, soft scale, armoured scale and other ‘minor pests’ we may make an important contribution to biological crop protection in these cultivations. In public area’s such as parcs, avenues, greens we have extensive experience in introducing biological pest control agents for different purposes. Ecological plant management asks for the application of environmentally friendly pest control techniques including the use of beneficials. In recent years our activities have also expanded towards fruit and vegetables orchards. In those sectors there is a demand for products against soft scale and / or cushion scale / woolly aphids