Urban Green

Urban green we find in public parcs, along avenues, on squares, in courtyards etc. Especially lime trees or maples sometimes have a very 'shiny' appearance. That may be because they have just formed young leaves but more likely they are affected by aphids. By sucking from the leaves aphids produce a sticky secretion, the so-called honeydew. It is found on the leaves underneath, which causes the shiny effect. Lime trees and maples are particularly sensitive for aphid attack. The aphids infestation mainly causes nuisance during the months May and June. That is the time when the second seasonal generation of aphids is born. The first generation is the one born from overwintered eggs. This one usually does not consists of a big number of individuals. 

Ladybugs against aphids 

To reduce the nuisance caused by the aphids, introduction of a predatory ladybug, ADALIA it is a good strategy. We have been providing these ladybugs for many years as a product and after their introduction complaints from residents diminish dramatically You can get them as adults, but by far the largest part is introduced as larvae. The larvae are delivered in small paper bags. These bags can be put into trees, larvae will move out and start searching for aphids as their food source. After time they will clean the aphids away from the trees. We deliver larvae directly to our customers, tree keepers, gardeners or a municipal grocery service. If you want to know more about this, you can contact us via the green button on the right of this page.

Cushion scale

On trees along avenues and in parcs such as lime tree and chestnut, you can often find white egg masses belonging to cushion scales. They may occur on trunks as well as on the leaves. Like aphids they produce honeydew, however less than aphids. Where aphids produce several generations a year the cushion scales have only 1 generation per year. The white egg masses on the trees are in fact produced by the individuals that have grown up on the twigs during spring time. 

In our country, a native ladybug preys on the cushion scale and acts as a biocontrol agent, the pine ladybug EXOCHOMUS quadripustulatus. We have set up a production of this species and deliver it as a product against cushion scale and woolly apple aphid. It is available as a adult ladybug or as larva for direct control. Request more info via the green button.

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