Zoo, Botanical garden

The main goal of a collection of plants in a botanical garden is to preserve species, to conduct research on them and / or to make the wealth of shapes and colors accessible to the public; This is more or less also the case for the plant collections of zoos, although there plants are also meant for animal food or as decoration of animal shelters and as playground for animals. In both situations, in general conditions are not optimal for plant growth since many species from different areas come together there. Especially in a botanical garden there may be unique specimens of a specific species that are very important for preservation.

Biological Pest Control in Zoo and Botanical Garden

Plants sensitive to particular pests and plants under suboptimal growth conditions are susceptible to pest damage. Due to the big number of species in one room we often see a lot of different pests occurring in these greenhoues. One plant is sensitive to one species, another one for another pest species. All plants have a different origin; There is a regular exchange of material between different gardens. This increases the risk of pest outbreaks. Pest control using biological control agents is a very nice and effective solution in these situations. It reduces the risk of plant damage due to side effects of chemical pesticides to zero and biocontrol agents may remain active for a long period of time if established on the plants. Moreover, the public, the animals as well as the gardeners do not suffer from side effects of chemical products used.

Strive for balance between pests and beneficials

To keep all types of pests that may occur under control a vast majority of different biocontrol agents is needed. Sometimes we use about 15 to 20 different species in a single greenhouse. The plants last for a long time and therefore it is worth while to strive for a balance between pest and biocontrol agent on a low level of pest presence, low enough to prevent damage. That is our commitment for implementing our biological control program in these situations. We have gained a lot of experience and know how to realize such a balance and what to look for to prevent new outbreaks. We also teach the gardeners on site so they can inform us if any additional materials are needed. For these situations we use the products that you can find on this website, but also special products that may be very useful right in your particular situation . For more information click on the green button on the right side of the page.