Oleander scale

Aspidiotus nerii

The scale cover of females of Oleander scale, Aspidiotus nerii is almost round, translucent white in color with a light brown excentric nipple. The scale cover of males resembles that of females but is smaller and slightly elongated. Oleander scale can be found as uniparental (parthenogenetic) as well as biparental (sexual) populations.

Oleander scale damage:

In case of a severe infestation of Oleander scale twigs may die off and wilting of leaves may occur. An infection may result in leaf spots as well as spots on fruits. This causes economic damage, especially in citrus.

lifecycle oleander scale

  • Development time 35 to 50 days
  • female produces around 100 young
  • Life span of females  on average 90 days

host plants of oleander scale:

  • very polyphagous
  • olive
  • citrus
  • orchids
  • palms


Chilocorus nigritus:

C. nigritus

Rhyzobius lophanthae:

R. lophanthae

Aphytis melinus:

A. melinus

Encarsia citrina:

E. citrina