Caterpillars / Moths

Butterflies and moths form a very large and well recognizable group of insects. The most harmful species in greenhouses belong to the owls (family Noctuidae), but also species from other families can cause damage. It is the caterpillars that cause the damage. They can be enormously voracious and in a short time eat away large parts of the plant. They also pollute the crop with their droppings.

caterpillars / moths characteristics

  • window feeding
  • feeding damage
  • many moths come to the light

damage caterpillars / moths

  • cosmetic
  • destructive
  • seasonal
  • pollution

Products against caterpillars / moths

against carnation tortrix and several noctuid moths:

TRICHOGRAMMA, parasitic wasp

MACROLOPHUSassassin bug

CAPSANEMinsectpathogenic nematode

against boxmoth:

LARVANEM, insectpathogenic nematode

CAPSANEM, insectpathogenic nematode

BUXATRAP, funneltrap

against Duponchelia:

ENTOMITE-Mpredatory mite

CAPSANEM, insectpathogenic nematode

against Tuta absoluta:

MACROLOPHUS, assassin bug

TRICHOGRAMMA, parasitic wasp

assassin bug MACROLOPHUS, eats eggs and (young) caterpillars