The presence of cockroaches as a pest in kitchens or other places where food is stored is well known. However, they may also be a pest in zoological gardens and in greenhouses with tropical crops. Although they look a bit like bugs they are not related to them. In contrast to bugs their elythra are overlapping and they do not have a complete metamorphosis. They may be distinguished from crickets and grasshoppers since they do not have jump-legs. Cockroaches are omnivorous; depending on the species they may consume all kinds of plant material as well as other organic waste, also animal food. Their reproduction is rather fast, they have great endurance (some species are able to survive for more than a month without any food or drink). These characteristics help them to grow to a pest level rather fast.

Characteristics cockroaches:

  • many different species present, size between 1.5 cm to 6 cm
  • shiny brown to black or grey coloured
  • elythra of adults overlapping
  • live at hidden places
  • mainly active at night
  • some produce egg parcels, others produce living young

Habitat cockroaches:

  • zoological gardens, animal houses
  • botanical gardens, tropical greenhouses
  • restaurants
  • bakeries

Products against cockroaches:



PERIPLAN, parasitoid of egg parcels of cockroaches