American cockroach

Periplaneta americana

The american cockroach, also know as the big cockroach is 35-40 mm in size and is red to chocolate brown in colour. The species may be disttinguished from other cockroach species by its colour and size and may be recognized by having a bright cross-band at the base of the thorax. The american cockroach produces egg parcels, 8-10 mm in size, containing around 20 eggs. The female carries is at the back of her body for several days before she deposits it on a hidden place in a crack or crevice in a humid environment. In the beginning the egg parcel is light brown and smooth, later on it turns brown with a firm outer surface.


omnivorous with preference for animal feed. Often found in zoological gardens

Products against American cockroach:

APROSTOCETUS, parasitoid


PERIPLAN, parasitoid of egg parcels of cockroaches