Brown soft scale

Coccus hesperidum

Recognizing brown soft scale:
Juvenile stages as well as adults have a rather flat appearance, adults somewhat spherical. Their shape is round to oval; their color is brown to yellow, almost transparent. The adult females have a pattern of dark stained spots on their back.

Damage of brown soft scale:
the scales suck plant juices which causes growth damage to the plant. Main damage is caused by the huge amount of honeydew that the scales are producing, all stages are doing so. The honeydew is a food source for fungi, such as the black sooty mould. As a result, photosynthesis of the plants is hampered.

lifecycle brown soft scale:

  • hundreds of eggs per female
  • in greenhouse several generations per year
  • development egg adult about 4-6 weeks
  • males rare

host plants brown soft scale:

  • common in greenhouses and floriculture
  • Gerbera
  • rose
  • Anthurium
  • Asplenium
  • Ficus
  • Schefflera


Microterys nietneri:

M. nietneri

Coccophagus scutellaris:

C. scutellaris

Encyrtus lecaniorum:

E. lecaniorum

Metaphycus flavus:

M. flavus

Metaphycus helvolus:

M. helvolus