Insects for research purposes

Insects for research purposes

On a regular basis we get questions from researchers who need insects, pests or natural enemies for certain tests. They make high demands on the material, for example, they only want eggs or just young larvae of exactly 3 days old. In many cases we can help. Depending on the specific demand and the requested numbers, we will be able to deliver on short or long term. Inform with us about the possibilities.

thrips pest whitefly

Species that may be available:
  • mealybugs
  • aphids
  • whiteflies
  • thrips
  • spider mites
  • moth, esp. Spodoptera exigua, turkish moth
  • plant bugs
  • predatory bugs
  • cockroaches
  • ladybirds against aphids, mealybug, scales
  • parasitic wasps
  • predatory mites

predatory mite moth