Sticky plates

Sticky plates & traps are handy tools to monitor pest presence. Sticky plates come in 3 colors, yellow, blue and black. Yellow is especially suitable for monitoring white fly, aphid, leafminer and sciarids, blue for monitoring thrips. Black sticky plates are only used to monitor the moth Tuta absoluta.

Sticky plates are available in 3 sizes: 25 x 10 cm, 25 x 20 cm and 25 x 40 cm. They are packed per set: small plates per 10, medium size per 22 and large per 12. All plates have a grid that makes counting easy to perform. To put sticky plates into the greenhouse, metal hooks are available that can be attached to the greenhouse pillars by means of a magnet.

Sticky bands

Sticky bands are more intended to capture the pest instead of monitoring. Sticky bands are yellow and available in the following sizes: 5 x 100 cm, 15 x 100 cm, 30 x 100 cm and 15 x 500 cm.


The transparent delta trap is used in combination with an odor capsule that is attractive to a particular pest. The pest is attracted towards the odor source and lands in the trap on the adhesive plate which lies on the bottom of the trap. This trap can be used in combination with all kinds of odor sources to monigtor pest presence. The trap is not suitable for capturing big numbers of insects.

The size of the trap is 21 x 10 x 8.5 cm and comes as a set of 10 pieces, each with a metal hanger. Sticky inserts for the trap are available separately per set of 20 pieces.

Funnel trap:

Funnel traps are intended for capturing of bigger number of individuals of a particular pest. They are used in combination with a specific odor source that can be applied at the top of the trap and is attractive to a specific pest species. The insects are attracted towards the odor and fall into the trap down into the funnel. They are caught in the bucket in which a layer of water helps to prevent them from escaping. For some types of pests, the trap works better with an insert that is placed between the funnel and the odor source.

Funnels traps are available in green and yellow. Field experience has shown that yellow traps are attractive to bees and bumblebees. In crops where bees or bumblebees are used for pollination, it is advisable not to use yellow funnel traps.

The size of a funnel trap is 17 x 23 cm without attachment and 17 x 31 cm with attachment. Funnel traps are delivered per single unit.